wp Time Machine branch for PEAR

May 7, 2010

Most of the people who have had difficulty running wp Time Machine were most likely missing cURL or didn’t have the system command or shell_exec command enabled (by their hosting provider). I should mention this assumes you are on a site running PHP5, too. Despite checks and logging validation of those checks: logging!!; a lot of people also ran into snags that I suspect might be alleviated by just using a framework for archive generation instead of binaries. Enter PEAR: . Since the switch from the current plugin’s architecture to PEAR is fairly significant; I’m inviting users to test a branch in subversion.

Instructions follow …. feel free to post comments here or on the forum (and if you do please include a link to your wp Time Machine log — it’s benign but very helpful).


If you have subversion installed on your host try this…

Go to wp-content/plugins:

Remove wp-time-machine:

$ rm -rf wp-time-machine

Next install this test version:

$ svn co http://svn.wp-plugins.org/wp-time-machine/branches/pear-test ./wp-time-machine

If you don’t have subversion you can download & install this manually to wp-content/plugins:


And if you need to find an old version go here:

Again please post a link to the log (there’s a link to the log at the top of the plugin interface).