About wp Time Machine

wpTimeMachine is no longer available directly from WordPress.org or via Plugin updates. I’m not sure what the future has in store for this work, but due to a violation of WordPress.org policy the plugin has been suspended there.

The violation was this: I use a referral link for Dropbox.

That’s it, and I’m currently waiting to hear how this compares to Paypal donation links (and whether or not those are now disallowed too). I’m also not sure how this compares to commercial endeavors that are promoted from plugins. This was a big surprise to me. I’ve invested a lot of time in to this & the plugin has served me and others well over the last four plus years.

If I end up throwing in the towel I’ll turn off renewal for this domain name & the hosting of this site. Which will leave it out in the open for at least another year.

The wp Time Machine plugin creates an archive (as a .zip file or .tar.gz file) of all your WordPress Data & Files which is ‘sent’ to a remote storage provider.

That’s right! Remote storage of …

  1. Your data
  2. Your files (and uploads) — everything in wp-content
  3. Your .htaccess file
  4. Instructions for a smooth recovery

You provide the remote account; this plugin provides a connection to the offsite facility you choose. Current choices include Dropbox, Amazon’s S3, and FTP accounts.

Don’t have a Dropbox account? Visit this link: Get Dropbox here.

Additionally, backups can be ‘sent’ to Amazon’s AWS S3: Get S3 here.

If you’re here you probably already get why this is important; and that there might additional use cases like using archives to help migrate a blog. That said, there are some caveats that apply to this plugin. First & foremost: FTP is the only option if your site is running on PHP4. There are also some “gotchas” applicable to PHP5. You’ll need to have the cURL extension installed, read this for more information: . You’ll also need t have the system() command available and enabled (though a new release will hopefully eliminate this requirement or help use an alternate command). The plugin provides a list of useful bits of feedback that will help me troubleshoot, so please include that in posts to the forum.

Lastly, it’s entirely possible that while this plugin works for a lot of users; you might have issues, please post them in the forum. I do read it, and while I may not reply to every post I take everything said in to account.